Things you learn along the way

by C H

I was a bit late coming back from lunch, which was rare for me. I could not get into the room, partly because the interview had started and the room was crowded with cameras, cables and people. I saw Whitlam afterwards. He was very excited with the way it had gone. He said it was the best television performance he had given in his life.

Later that afternoonWesterway sent me a transcript of the interview. My heart sank. I was alarmed by what I read, particularly the intemperate language. It was the most vehement public condemnation of the Federal Executive it was possible to imagine.He described the Federal Executive as ‘incompetent and irresponsible’ who ‘don’t seem to be able to understand policy’. He described the proposal to refer the matter to the High Court as ‘preposterous’. His king hit was ‘We have only just got rid of the thirty-six faceless men stigma to be faced with the twelve witless men’.There were twelve members on the Federal Executive.He attacked Calwell’s leadership and proclaimed,‘I have been destined to be Leader of the Party for at least a year as soon as there is a ballot for the position’. He asserted that Labor ‘led by me would beat the Coalition’. Pressed to predict the result if Calwell remained as Leader he answered, ‘No comment’.

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