Memo to a young dissident & an old veteran

by C H

“Civilisations grow by agreements and accomodations and accretions, not by repudiations. The rebels and the revolutionaries are only eddies, they keep the stream from getting stagnant but they get swept down and absorbed, they’re a side issue. Quiet desperation is another name for the human condition. If revolutionaries would learn that they can’t remodel society by day after tomorrow — haven’t the wisdom to and shouldn’t be permitted to — I’d have more respect for them … Civilisations grow and change and decline — they aren’t remade.” 
Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose


Even as you read this, the beliefs that you hold dear are decaying, eroding for a variety of reasons seen and unseen, just as the passage of time has worn away those that came before.  You should take notice before others do. The Research Puzzle h/t Josh Brown